Morris Kight

Morris Kight
Photo by Henning Von Berg, 2002

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Coors Boycott, 1998

This is a rather long video, over an hour, and well-worth the effort for those who are interested. Morris vehemently opposed the Coors Brewing Co and took great umbrage with the Coors family support of anti-gay and lesbian legislation and causes.

Morris was almost 80 years old when this video was shot. He never lacked for enthusiasm in his opposition to Coors, That is obvious in this video. But the underlying story, what was really happening here (and it dramatically heightens at around 01:07:03 through 01:10:00) was the 'new guard,' the 'new leadership' of the gay community standing ground against the old, the founders, the shoulders on which they once stood. It was a new generation with different values.

For a feisty old man, privately Morris was a bit crushed by this.