Morris Kight

Morris Kight
Photo by Henning Von Berg, 2002

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Maker of this Page

The maker of this page is busy writing the complete Morris Kight biography. Publishers are being sought as well as interest from ancillary markets. It has become an important work, historical in its context and personal in the revealing of Morris Kight. That's the point of a good biography. It's informative and entertaining. Anyone who knew Morris will tell you that he was entertaining.  Looking forward and seeking support, please direct all interest to Mary Ann Cherry at Just put "Morris Kight" in the subject header and I'll read it promptly.

1968, Morris with Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden while working on the Dow Action Committee
(Pat Rocco Photos at ONE Archives)

Joseph Hansen, Morris, 1970, on the picket line at Barnes Beanery (Pat Rocco Photos at ONE Archives)

Morris center, first Gay Pride Parade, Hollywood Blvd, 1970 (LA Free Press)
1973, NYC, Bette Midler, Morris Kight, Gay Pride Weekend (New York Times)

Rev. Troy Perry and Morris, New Orleans.
1973, Immediately after that fun and celebratory weekend in New York's Greenwich Village, Morris was summoned to New Orleans to help respond to a fire bombing of a gay bar that killed thirty-two people, the largest gay mass murder in U.S history. (Los Angeles Times, LAPL Photo Archive)

 Morris Kight being interviewed by a young Regis Philbin, 1972 (Pat Rocco Photos at ONE Archives)
 1979, Kight at a demonstration in downtown Los Angeles regarding recognition of gay marriage, Adams and Sullivan a landmark case. (Pat Rocco Photos at ONE Archive) 

Kight and LA Mayor Tom Bradley, 1972, the first meeting of gay community and LA City Officials (Pat Rocco Photos at ONE Archives)

1975, Morris, Gerry Parker, State Assembly Willie Brown at California Democratic Council Convention (Pat Rocco Photos at ONE Archives)

Kight with Harvey Milk and Christopher S. Dogg, Los Angeles 1979  (Photo by Elmer Wilhelm)

1980 with Gore Vidal in Kight's backyard in Hollywood (Pat Rocco Photos at ONE Archives)

With Julie Harris in 1985 (Pat Rocco Photos at ONE Archives)

Portrait of Morris Kight by Don Bachardy, 1992

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